Old Mountain Coffee Pop-Up!

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Old Mountain Coffee Pop-Up!


Half-Dozen Pre-order

Order here for pick up anytime on September the 28th at Old Mountain Coffee

Place your order today and pick up your box of six doughnuts anytime after 7am on the 28th. A great way to save dollahs buying several and assuring you’ll have some ‘nuts even if we sell out fast!

Includes an assortment of flavors including:

Calm the %*#$ Down - vanilla glaze, sugared lavender

Blackout Bear-y - blackberry glaze with gummy bear friends

Sesame Sweet - vanilla glaze, toasted sesame seeds, a lil’ sriracha kick

The Wilson Mom - mom’s fave, a spicy blackberry margarita. tequila lime glaze, berry drizzle and jalapeños

Maple Creemee - vanilla glaze and maple drizzle, tastes just like your roadside favorite

Unicorn Barf - vanilla glaze in magical galaxy swirls and an overload of dazzling sprinkles

Pick up of your half-dozen will be at Old Mountain Coffee (1767 NY Route 73) in Keene Valley, NY anytime after 7:00am on the 28th. Just head in, tell them you’re picking up your festive ‘nuts and the baristas behind the counter will be happy to help!

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